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It's not 26.2 miles;

       it's 10 water stops.

Landlords, prepare to pace yourselves.

Marathon helps Landlords and Owners keep their properties brimming with Tenants or ready for Buyers.


Our Philosophy

  • Offering a level of service that is beyond standard brokerage duties brings about satisfying results and promotes lasting relationships.​

  • Each deal is unique and has specific challenges that require us to be resourceful and attentive to details that could otherwise be overlooked.​

  • Remaining involved and approachable to your prospective Tenant or Buyer ensures that if there's an issue we're there to offer a solution.​

  • Our flexibility, innovation, and solution-orientation will more likely result in bringing your transaction to a successful conclusion.​

  • Our knowledge and expertise add value to every transaction, and enable us to provide you with the maximum prosperity.


Our Approach

  • A comprehensive evaluation of the current market.​

  • Proper positioning of the property in the market.​

  • Developing and utilizing effective marketing plans & collateral.​

  • Identifying and procuring qualified tenants or buyers.

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