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Runners don't need good luck;

they need good legs.

We represent your interests only.


Our fiduciary responsibility is to you, and is provided to you at no cost. Generally, the landlord or Seller has built an agent fee into the budget for the property, and that fee will either go to your chosen representation or to the other party's representative should you choose to negotiate directly.

The landlord’s and seller's reps are trying to get the best terms for their parties -

be sure to have someone on your team to protect your interests!

We're literally here for you.


We've operated within the DMV area for over 15 years - we offer a comprehensive range of services backed by a sound knowledge of the local market.


We have extensive experience in many of the various aspects required to open and operate a successful business. From analyzing financial arrangements to structuring transactions to achieving the most favorable lease and purchase terms - we're here for you.

We're not leaving you behind.


We believe our job doesn't end with the signing of your lease or purchase contract. We're prepared to provide you with whatever follow-up services you need!


If we aren't able to help you directly, we can refer you to a trusted industry professional in the needed area of expertise.

And tenants need good representation.

Marathon provides tenants and buyers with the support they need to confidently secure the space they require to do business.

We've got the basics down.


Our focus is to provide you with the highest level of service and achieve the tasks of locating the best space for your business, negotiating your lease or purchase contract to your advantage, and assisting you with the overall process.

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